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Michelle’s Family Portrait

September 2, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of photographing an old school friend, Michelle, and her lovely family.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture

This is the one of the few sessions I’ve carried out myself since having my baby, Daisy, back in October (eek, almost a year ago. Where’s the time gone??!) I was nervous and excited to be back behind the camera again with someone, other than Daisy, the other end of the lens 🙂

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture

Michelle wanted to have a location session. The weather wasn’t that great but the rain held off until we were heading home. Phew.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture

These are just a few of my favourites from the session. I hope you like them 🙂

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture


Lianne & Kit’s Family Portrait

May 28, 2014

Since my little girl arrived, last October, I haven’t been doing many photography sessions myself, by myself. I’m still breastfeeding so being apart from Daisy for too long is not always easy.

It was scary, exciting and refreshing to get back in the saddle with Lianne and her family. Lianne’s mum used to babysit me when I was little! Lianne now has a gorgeous baby boy of her own. Are we all growing old too quickly??

Lianne and Kit’s little boy is a delight. Beautiful eyes and squeezable cheeks. It was easy to forget that I was there to photograph him and not just eat him up!

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

The session mainly revolved around this handsome little chappie but we obviously took some photographs with Mummy and Daddy as well as a handful of images with grandparents too.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

Isn’t he a cutie??

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture


Emma & Simon’s Family Photoshoot

April 25, 2014

I always enjoy helping Nikki with her children’s photoshoots, but this one was extra special, because it was for my dear friend Emma, whose baby daughter Scarlett was born just a month before Nikki’s own baby daughter.


Although the occasion was predominately focussed on Scarlett it was decided to include all the family, so Scarlett’s sisters Holly and Olivia and her dad Simon joined the fun also. Here are just some of the many photographs taken, hope you enjoy.



So posing in the dress especially given by Grandad, what else but a scarlet dress and matching accessories !

It is always nice when big sisters interact with babies and Holly and Olivia were just perfect subjects in front of camera.


A typical 6 months old, Scarlett is just beginning to have those ‘tickle spots’ that send her into fits of giggles , and daddy knows just where they are, a delight to see. Nothing like a baby’s giggles to lift you.


It was a delight to photograph Scarlett and her family and I got to feed Scarlett her lunch! I look forward to seeing her progress in the future.

Happy Easter: Mini-Sessions

April 20, 2014

I had great fun, a few weeks ago, at a local playgroup. It was fun to return there, now as a mum myself 🙂 (Can’t believe that my little baby girl is now six months old!!)

I set up a cute little Easter scene and had a few brave little bunnies pose for the camera.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Easter Mini-Sessions

They all looked so cute, if a little bit miffed at the lack of chocolate and being dressed in bunny ears!

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Easter Mini-Sessions

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Easter Mini-Sessions

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Easter Mini-Sessions

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Easter Mini-Sessions

Happy Easter Everyone 🙂

Charlotte & Kevin’s Family Portrait

March 10, 2014

I’m not really sure where the last 5 months have gone! I am thoroughly enjoying being a new mummy to my adorable baby girl but earlier this month, I returned back to the wonderful World of photography with a family portrait session for the equally wonderful Charlotte and Kevin.

Being a parent now, I can appreciate portrait photography in a whole new light. I’ve always know how important it is to capture a child in the here and now; capture their personality as well as the various expressions and behaviour that they lose as they grow.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

I also now believe that it’s important to capture a little bit of who they are at this time of their life. I don’t necessarily mean their cheekiness, shyness or humour but what is important to them in their World.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

That is exactly what I did with Charlotte and Kevin’s little boy; I captured what is important to him in his life…

His cars 🙂 (I loved cars when I was his age)

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

His Mummy, Daddy and Grandad.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Family Portraiture

And of course, his Monkey 🙂

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Child Portraiture

Considering his young age (he’s very tall!), Charlotte and Kevin’s little boy took direction (suggestions, really) very well and made my return to work very easy and….a lot of fun 🙂

Thanks guys. x

Lissa & David’s Family Photoshoot

November 13, 2013

As Nikki was busy with her own 2 week old baby, it was my privilege (ably assisted by my wife Joan !) to photograph the family of Lissa and David with their new baby, 3 month old Evelyn and also her sister Olivia. We had photographed Olivia when she was 6 months old and Lissa wanted something similiar for Evie.


Evie is absolutely gorgeous with deep blue eyes and a mop of beautful brown hair. You can never be sure about baby’s mood when we arrive, which is why we allow a full 2 hours to provide time for that extra feed or change, to put them in a good mood. After a feed Evie was in a much better mood for photography, which hopefully comes across in the photographs.


In order to bring out the natural beauty of Evie’s eyes we used a big flash driven softbox, which generates the catchlights in those big blue eyes, counterpoised with natural daylight from an opposite window. You can see this in the above photograph where the daylight has pleasingly caught the left hand side of Evie’s face, showing up her lovely baby complexion.


We always stress the importance of capturing detailed shots of babies’ hands and feet, they don’t stay small for long !


It is important too, to capture those items of clothing like the bath robe below, that they outgrow all too quickly, for the purposes of providing happy memories but also to add variety to the photographs.


Although the main subject of this shoot was Evie, whilst she was feeding, we were able to capture photographs of her  strikingly pretty sister Olivia. Olivia has the same trademark big beautiful blue eyes as Evie, but also is a very animated and photogenic model, playing up to the camera. She was a delight to work with.



Finally we did a happy family shot which is always nice to do. We found Lissa and David very easy to work with and they had a preferance for relaxed informal shots, which hopefully we have captured here.

Vicky & Steve’s Newborn Shoot.

October 3, 2013

As Nikki is very near to producing her own newborn, I photographed this session under her direction. Having done a number of newborn sessions now I find there is one recurring theme throughout and that is, baby will decide when they are ready to be photographed, not the photographer. Despite having a pre-session feed this little cutie decided it was no where near enough, so there was a 2nd and 3rd before photography finally got under way. Patience is a virtue!

Fortunately, he had an adorable little brother who apart from being very photogenic was also quite enthusiastic about having his picture taken, even if he did insist on inspecting each one in between shots 🙂


I find you need to win a child’s interest and if you want them to be interested in your photography, you have to show some interest in their activities. When he held my hand to lead me off to see his workbench I knew I was getting there. As adults, a child holding your hand is often taken for granted, we shouldn’t, it is a deeply symbolic gesture of trust.

After his 3rd feed, baby was quite settled and photography got under way. I am always surprised at how pliable and relaxed babies are at this age and how they can be moulded into shape, without any disturbance to baby’s sleep at all. And of course how quickly they grow out of this stage and don’t wish to be disturbed when they are asleep.


I have found that when photographing children in people’s homes care is needed with colour casts imposed by strong colour schemes of the room used, adjustments to the colour temperature often needed, to prevent babies having overpink or jaundiced complexions. Fortunately this home had a soft neutral colour scheme that made it easier.



Sometimes an older sibling can get a little impatient with all the photography, especially if they themselves are not involved or getting as much attention as the new arrival, which is when grandma’s attendance can be very useful indeed. Whilst baby is having another feed, good opportunity to get some dad and son interaction in a different environment. With strong backlight present, I needed to modify lightmeter setting to avoid underexposure.


There is something rather special with newborn shoots for the family shots. Capturing their very early days together, this is a defining moment in time for a family that is newly extended, and will shape their lives for years to come. Often with new parents, photos of children are about the here and now, but, I know that these photographs will still be treasured, perhaps to an even greater extent, in 30 years time. Trust me, as a grandfather I know this to be true.


If you have liked this sneak peek, please leave a comment for me, it means alot.