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Photography Exhibition: Wildlife Photographer 2010

March 23, 2010

I had a lovely day in London today with my parents, looking round the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. This is the second year I have been to see this, at the Natural History Museum, and it’s such an awe-inspiring collection of photographs. My parents and I enjoy talking and critiquing the photos we have seen; our favourites (this was my choice from the day), our least favourites, funny ones etc.

Where do people find the patience and determination to wait, sometimes in trying conditions, to get that perfect shot? Not to mention the positions and locations some photographers will get themselves into to capture an animal with more originality and creativity.

When it comes to animal photography, I’m a lot more lazy and conventional. Give me a nice sunny day, a family outing to the zoo and I might just get a shot in the bag! Saying that, I think this is my best animal shot to date and this was simply taken down a country lane in France having spent ten minutes talking to the local herd! Still not quite in the same league though, is it?!

The exhibition closes soon but you can see all the featured photographs on the Natural History Museum’s website. Enjoy.

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