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Liz and Tim’s Family Portrait

April 12, 2010

It’s been pretty non-stop since I returned from my Egyptian/French travels last week. I’ve had so many things to blog about but simply not the time to do it!

Yesterday I visited Liz and Tim at their beautiful home with their gorgeous children. I couldn’t believe the last time that I saw Liz’s son, at her first shoot, was six years ago! Why do kids grow up so fast? Needless to say I felt very old!

Liz and Tim’s house is full of children when I arrive; four belonging to them and another three just getting ready to leave, having popped in for a lunch time visit. It was a house of fun and mayhem. I was greeted with Ribena and delicious homemade cake (I’m a worshipper of anything sweet), so we were all equally pumped full of sugar.

Liz knew pretty much what photographs she wanted in terms of family combinations and also other ideas that she had picked up by looking through my recent shoots on the website.

These are my probably my most favourite ones of the day. The children were natural posers so I played with that quite a bit and, considering their age, they took direction really well. It was like working with teenager models 🙂

Thanks to Liz and her family for being such fun and feeding me with cake 🙂

Keep an eye out on the website for the rest of their photographs which should be online in the next 2-3 weeks.

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  1. Liz covill permalink
    April 16, 2010 3:24 pm

    Love these pictures nikki, cant wait to see the rest! That one of Ella is one of the nicest I have ever seen.

    We all had fun doing the shoot, hope it wasn’t too bonkers here for you!

    Thanks again

    liz and tim xx

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