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An Introduction to our Montage Products

April 21, 2010

Our Montage designs and products are ever-expanding with the introduction of our baby packages in late 2008.

Baby Montage: 16×20

When we first launched the Baby Packages, we did so in conjunction with our Baby Montage. This is a 16×20 Print, consisting of numerous photographs to capture your baby at 6 months. This montage has been adapted over the course of the year to suit each clients needs and has also been requested by some wedding couples. It can contain text to record when the shoot took place or be compiled using photographs from any of the baby package shoots, not just 6 months.

We recently created the Birth Montage, to be a perfect keepsake of your new-born. This is a 12×12 Monochrome print, containing all the relevant birth details; name, weight, birth date.

Birth Montage: 12×12

We are now launching the ‘Baby (Bits) Block’ Montage which captures all those cute body parts of your baby that usually mums want to blow raspberries on! Not only does it capture the hands, feet and ears but also the rolls of fat, chubby knees and little bottoms all made up of that cure baby fat that babies soon lose as they grow up! This is slightly different to the other montages as it is mounted onto a wooden block which can be hung on the wall or be free-standing on a table, mantelpiece or shelf.

Baby Block: 10x10x2

You can request these montages from any type of shoot you have; A baby package, weddings, events or a standard portrait shoot. You will not see these designs as part of your proofs.

You may also come across our non-standard montage designs. You will see these as part of your proof pack, if you have had a standard portrait shoot (not a baby package)

For standard portrait shoots (one-off family and child portrait shoots) we try to create montages to suit your final proofs. Montage prints are photographic displays created from more than one of your photographs, whether it be our popular ‘expressions’ montage or a repetitive one. They aim to be something different from the traditional portraits hung on walls and look great when printed on canvas or acrylic.

We always listen to client requests, so don’t be shy. If you have a montage design in mind, let us know.

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