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New Package: Trash The Dress: Poll Results

June 28, 2010

**Quite overdue but extremely grateful** blog entry…


Thank you so much to all those lovely people who voted on our ‘Trash The Dress’ package name (see related blog entry). Ironically the most popular choice was actually the one that has been our working title for some time!

So, “what is it?” I hear you cry….

….drum roll….

‘Dress & Drama’


Dress & Drama: Trash The Dress
Rebecca had never had her hair curled before – such a shock!


 Some of you beady-eyed people may have already noticed this on our new business cards.

It was nice to see that people had read our blog and given it some thought as we had lots of alternative suggestions for the name.

Some of my favourites were:

‘Frock and Roll’



We may even be using one or two of the ‘alternative’ suggestions for our other packages which will be coming soon.

Thanks Guys. You helped us to make the right decision.

Details of our new Dress and Drama package will follow soon.

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