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Guest Blogger: Protect Your Children

July 21, 2010

Recently I met Rachael. We met when I attended my first ever business networking meeting for local businesses in Kent. I think my bunches caught her eye! (I went for the quirky look!)

Rachael specialises in writing wills for young families. Sadly I know a few people who have lost a parent at a shockingly young age which proves to me that this awful situation can easily become someone’s reality. I bet many people don’t think about this depressing subject, let alone think about what the consequences could be for not having a Will in place.

 With this in mind I invited Rachael to guest blog on my site…. 

Silver Lining: Will Writers

Hi , I’m Rachael Rodgers of Silver Lining Wills & Estate Planning, I met Nikki recently and we got talking as we both provide services to the same type of people – YOU!

Kent Portrait Photography on Location I specialise in writing Wills for parents with young children.  I find most people think a Will is something you need to write when you’re “well on your way to God’s waiting room”.  Actually its Parents who really need Wills, in case the worst happens to them….

The reality is; if you die while your children are under 18 and you have not appointed Guardians by making a Will, they become ‘Wards of the State’ and essentially the Government decides who they live with!

As a parent it is your Right, (and Duty), to appoint the people to look after your children if you are no longer around, and to do that you need a WILL – and that’s where I come in! – to make it easier for you I visit you in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you (including evenings and weekends) and explain everything in Plain English not legal jargon! 

A Will not only take care of the subject of guardianship but also protect your children’s inheritance

So to ‘Protect the Ones You Love’ – ACT NOW and write your Will to appoint Guardians for your children – DON’T LET SOCIAL SERVICES MAKE THAT DECISION FOR THEM!!

Before you meet your maker, meet your Will maker!!  For a free consultation or simply to discuss your concerns give me a call on 07902 433775 or drop me an email:

Thanks Rachael.

Come on Guys. There’s always chores that we put off doing or can’t find the time to do (my job list now sits in a little pink notebook!) but this shouldn’t be one of them.

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