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You can’t beat good art on your wall!

July 25, 2010

Who said that it is not the winning but the taking part that counts??  

I say the winning is everything! hehe

Katie Green's unique way of announcing her competition winners - spot my name!


I enter a competition. I go on holiday. I return from holiday. Postman delivers my prize….a fabulous, cute little print by the even more (well marginally) fabulous Katie Green. (She might be cute, I doubt that she’s little!)  

I came across Katie’s blog about a year ago but only recently found her on Twitter, where she announced her competition which I eagerly entered.  

In case you haven’t guessed, Katie is an illustrator. Her work can be so intricate and yet I find it extremely calming and motivating all at the same time! It was her ‘what I wore’ series that oddly inspired me (there was a  logical thought process, I’m sure!) to update my logo as I wanted it to reflect more of who I was – girlie and pink loving!  

I am completely envious of Katie’s talents. I look at her pictures and I feel they are so effortlessly created by Katie (she may say differently!) but I know that it’s a skill one can’t learn.  

Katie, please continue to inspire me and make me smile with your beautiful and varied pieces of art.  

P.S In case my blog post hasn’t been clear: I LOVE KATIE GREEN (and her work. Actually, mainly her work!) 🙂

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