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Model Competition: Photo Shoot Results

August 29, 2010

WOW. What a weekend it has been! All beginning on Friday with the long-awaited photo shoot from our competition that we ran a while back.  

Kat, our stylist, and I started our preparation for the day around 7am! The two winning ‘models’, Emily & Kelly, arrived at our chosen location at 11.30am. From then on the day was a bit of a blur! Kat and I had decided to aim for two looks during the shoot. Looking back this was pretty ambitious considering the time frame we had given ourselves and all involved (maximum of 5 hours), so no wonder the shoot went on until about 6.30pm! It was a non-stop shoot although the odd minute or two was spared for a nibble on a French Fancy (I’m talking the cake kind!)  

The location: Raw Hair Salon in Dartford.  

The salon is spread across 3 floors and has a fab vintage theme. The place was full of hustle and bustle (so many clients and so many much-needed staff!) and I think we did well not to trip anyone up with our equipment or get people in shot. I cannot write this blog without thanking all of the staff at the Salon for being so great; accommodating, welcoming and helpful. (A special shout out to Frankie and Gemma for helping style the hair).  

Dartford Fashion Photographer

Raw Hair: Vintage inspired boutique salon


Emily and Kelly were perfect. They managed to interpret my instructions and were ‘game’ for most things. I had real trouble trying to pick the photos for today’s ‘sneak peek’ blog.  

The first look created on both girls, was a soft vintage look….  

Kent Corporate Photographer

The vintage waiting area in the ground floor reception


Kelly has fiery red hair which she had freshly coloured in advance, so it was as vibrant as you see it below. Emily has deep dark tones in her hair. Hair extensions of various lengths were added to create the soft sweeping curls.  

Fashion Fiction Photography, Bexley  

Fashion Fiction Photographer, Kent  

I wish I had taken a wide shot of the picture below as there were so many people in this room at the time. I was shooting close over the top of a clients head and Kat was making sure that no one fell over the lighting stand. I absolutely love the birdcage wallpaper that Emily is standing in front of. I simply had to use this in some photographs. The only section of this wallpaper clear of mirrors is not even a metre wide so there wasn’t much room to play with. 🙂 


Teen Portraits, Kent Photographer

The main 'cutting' room on the third floor


As this shoot was all about the fashion and the location, I really struggled to fight my own passion of ‘tight cropping’.  

Fashion Fiction Photography, Dartford  

The second look that we chose was a much more edgy look. Although the salon is vintage, their hair styling is a lot more edgy and contemporary so I wanted something that portrayed that also. For this we brought back Emily’s heavy block fringe (her friends should recognise her now :-)) and slicked back her hair into a high ponytail. With their makeup, Kat themed the girls ‘fire’ and ‘water’ to give them complimenting looks when shot together. (See the first photograph for Kelly’s fire look.)  

Fashion Photography for young adults  

Thanks once again to all involved. I had a great day but can’t believe how quickly it went!  

Kat and I went to a graveyard ‘Dress & Drama’ photo shoot that evening, so our day didn’t finish until 11pm! You’ll have to wait a while for those pictures though. I have blisters on my hand after all the photography and mouse clicking that I have done this weekend 🙂  

Kelly & Emily’s photographs will be online soon, so keep an eye on the web gallery over the next weeks.  


If you are interested in your own shoot then keep an eye out for details of our ‘Fashion Fiction’ package which will be announced soon. It will make a great present for youngsters who love clothes and makeup, so you’ll be pleased to know that we also sell gift vouchers 🙂

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  1. Emily permalink
    September 12, 2010 12:29 pm

    This day was so relaxed with people fussing over us doing our hair and make up and making sure we looked our best for the pictures. Everyone who was helping out on the shoot was so friendly and supportive and the pictures came out amazing.
    The Fashion Fiction package is a lovely idea for anyone. I would recommend the package to anyone who wants to be pampered for the day or just wants the experience of being a model 🙂

  2. Kelly permalink
    September 13, 2010 8:41 pm

    The day was a fantastic experience and would recommend it to anyone who has always wanted to experience what it would be like being a model for the day! Everyone involved on the day were very friendly and professional, encouraging us and giving us theirideas which paid off to produce amazing pictures. I would definately recommend this day to anyone, and I again thank Nikki, Kat and everyone at RAW for their hard work 🙂

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