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My Play Date with Marc Lemezma!

November 19, 2010

I’ve known Marc for a few years and met him in a variety of work related capacities. Marc is always keen to help people; He encourages, supports and builds confidence in the people he meets. This is his nature. It’s who he is without a second thought. (Whether that’s always been the case, only Marc can say). It therefore makes perfect sense for him to be a Public Speaking Coach.

Maidstone Corporate Photographer

If you’ve ever met Marc, you never forget him. He’s funny. Very funny. Engaging. Inspirational. And, as you can see, animated! (Keeping my camera steady was difficult) 🙂

Maidstone Corporate Photographer

When he contacted me for some photographs, I knew it was going to be an interesting experience! Marc requested that I ‘think outside the box’ and sell  him some ideas for his website photographs.

It was great to sink my teeth into a challenge that was far from weddings and baby portraiture. I trawled the net for inspiration and asked many people what ‘Public Speaking’ meant to them. I pitched my ideas. We set a date. I made a  pit stop to my parent’s house (so pleased my mum kept all my Fisher Price toys – they continue to come in handy!). Then Marc and I enjoyed a morning playing with toys! I’m sure being a photographer has its low points??!!!

Maidstone Corporate Photographer

Marc can teach 1-to-1

Maidstone Corporate Photographer

Or teach small groups

Maidstone Corporate Photographer

Your audience may appear scary! Be brave!

I invited Marc to write on my blog…..

Maidstone Corporate Photographer

Inspired by 'comedy club' lighting!

My job is helping people and companies deliver a clear message. That means one day I’ll grab the mic and speak on behalf of a corporate client and the next I might be carefully coaching someone who is crippled by their fears.

Although these two roles call upon my skill and experience as a presenter – they each require a different approach. Clients seeking someone to speak on their behalf are going to look for confidence and creativity.

Those looking to overcome their fears need to work in a safe environment where they can be gradually challenged and stretched so they develop greater confidence.

I was looking for some new images for my website – I could have taken the traditional and obvious approach but Nikki had different ideas…

The toys were a stroke of genius!  They cleverly encapsulate what I do. Creative, fun and different but with an abstract and detached perspective that fits my coaching work perfectly. Working with toys like this would have made it easy to mock-up what I wanted in Photoshop.

That wasn’t good enough for Nikki and I was impressed by the way she took the time to get the shots captured perfectly – so we had the right results.

I’m sure you’ll agree! 

Marc continues to find new ways to get his message out there and I was impressed (and proud) to see my photographs used in his YouTube video. Check it out here.


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