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Food For Thought: Nu You Living

March 9, 2011

I recently did a corporate shoot for Nu You Living; a new company whose service is to provide freshly prepared meals delivered to your door (read more about them in their guest blog at the bottom of this post). 

Kent Corporate Photography

They required general images of their dishes to be used on their website. This is the first food shoot I have done but I loved it. Naturally I did some research and opted to shoot in natural light in natural surroundings. The food was prepared the night before by Nu You’s chef and it was at her home that the shoot took place. Thankfully she had a large conservatory, which I moved the dining room table into and an overcast day provided the even light coverage.

Kent Corporate Photography

I had no idea just how vast the range of dishes were. I think there were about 50 dishes to photograph, each one as delicious looking and smelling as the last as well as being beautifully presented. A shoot has never made me so hungry!

Kent Corporate Photography

Check out their newly launched website to see my images in ‘action’.

 Ny You Living Logo

Here at Nu You Living we offer an affordable wheat and dairy free food delivery service; we believe that a healthy, nutritious diet leads to a healthy mind and body; we also know that in a busy world today diet is often the last thing we have time to consider. We take away that element of consideration by delivering a freshly prepared food package of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks to your door each day.

We are based in Chislehurst; we source all our fresh produce locally and ethically; we believe in eating in season and this will be reflected in all your meals. Your menu will be designed to cater for all your nutritional needs; tastes and food intolerances and will help you attain your ultimate goal, whether that be weight loss, pre or post natal, to increase your energy or just take a break from the cooking!

Kent Corporate Photography

Nu You Living is run by nutritionist Bethany Eaton “Having run my own nutritional practice in London since 2003 and in recent years at London’s Hale Clinic, I have met so many people who want and need to make changes to their diets, but often cannot find the time.
I want to help you make those changes, not only by bringing you a delicious diet of fresh food daily to your door but also by teaching you about portion sizes, the importance of eating regularly and introducing you to new, exciting and delicious foods”.
To order you can simply use our online ordering system at or call us on 0208 2953443.

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