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Sneak Peek: Sarah & Rob’s Family Portrait

June 7, 2011

Last weekend I visited Sarah and Rob in a garden in Orpington. I shot their wedding quite a few years ago, so it was good to see them again and meet their little boy. Rob’s mum had bought them a portrait gift voucher and they had opted to have the sitting at Sarah’s parents house; in their lovely big garden.

Orpington Children's Photographer

The weather was glorious blue skies and bright, bright sunshine – not ideal for flattering portraits but I was able to use some shade provided by a couple of trees. I had predicted that their son would keep his head down a lot, shielding his eyes for from the brightness of the day. How wrong could I be?? He is absolutely passionate about planes and continued to hunt for them in the sky above. This was perfect for me capturing photographs looking directly up his nose! 🙂

Orpington Children's Photographer

His facial expressions kept me giggling, especially when the bubble machine came out 🙂

Orpington Children's Photographer

He has stunning blue eyes that matched the sky. I love taking close-ups of children’s eyes although it’s a lot easier to do on babies and other stationary creatures! 🙂

Orpington Children's Photographer

Look out for the rest of their pictures on the website. Keep an eye out for more previews on our YouTube channel too.

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