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Surfing: When you are bored at work!

June 21, 2011
Nikki Waterlow Photography has been around for approximately 6 years – where does the time go?! It’s only been in the last couple of years that I have started to increase my web presence and thought I would take a little bit of time to introduce you to all the places that you can find us on the web…

Firstly there is the website:

I was quick to put a website in place the moment I started my business. I originally did this from scratch; learning HTML code and writing it all out by hand using windows notepad! I have since got a new website with some help from the professionals but am still able to maintain it myself with my knowledge of HTML and Java. 

Nikki Waterlow Photography's Website


Next I signed up to Facebook:

Like most people, I was already present on Facebook with my personal profile but thought that having a business page was a good way of keeping my personal and business photos, status and news separate. I often ‘friend’ clients on Facebook in order to be able to easily tag them in photography related posts/uploads/photos. My blog gets automatically imported into Facebook using NetworkedBlogs and Facebook Notes (which also allows me to tag clients in their sneak peek blogs).

Nikki Waterlow Photography on Facebook


Just over a year ago, I took the plunge and joined Twitter:

This is a great place for me to chat with businesses with similar client base, learn from similar businesses and form great relationships with those possibly seeking out some corporate photography or cross-marketing. A few of my guest blogs have been by fellow Tweeters. 

Follow Nikki Waterlow Photography on Twitter


Just after Christmas 2010 I joined Flickr:

I wanted a place that I could share all my photography projects; not just client work. I upload photographs from my travels (I love my holidays although it is often the time I put my camera down for a rest too!), macro work (I love still life and home studio photography) and other personal projects. It’s a great place to draw on inspiration from others which feeds my motivation for my personal photography work also. Since joining Flickr, I find more time to enjoy photography as a hobby as well as for business.

Nikki Waterlow on Flickr

Flickr: NikkiWaterlow


I very recently joined YouTube:

I’ve started using a new piece of software to create photo slideshows and have created several sneak peek videos for recent clients. YouTube allows me to keep all these videos easily in one place and from there I can easily embed them into my website should I wish to.

Nikki Waterlow Photography YouTube Channel

YouTube: NikkiWaterlowPhoto


In the last month I gave in and joined LinkedIn:

Much more of an online CV website but hopefully it will bring more corporate work in my direction by networking through different areas of my career 🙂 Time will tell.

Nikki Waterlow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: Nikki Waterlow

Please come and visit us and let us know that you stopped by; either ‘connect’, ‘subscribe’, ‘follow’, ‘friend’ or ‘like’ me and I’ll be sure to reciprocate 🙂


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