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Anna’s Son’s Portrait Shoot

July 29, 2011

Anna and John recently received a gift voucher from Anna’s parents for a portrait shoot. They opted for a shoot of just their two year old son rather than a family shoot of the three of them (camera-shy parents!).

Orpington Baby Photographer

I visited Anna and son at her parents garden in Orpington, Kent. Thankfully the weather was kind; dry and overcast, providing me with even lighting and plenty of natural, uncluttered background.

Orpington Baby Photographer

Orpington Baby Photographer

I had trouble choosing my favourites from this shoot. Anna’s son was a joy to photograph. He kept me laughing the whole time and kept me on my toes – little boys love to run! Most of the time he kept his back to me, subtly showing me that he didn’t want his picture taken. Other times, he interacted with me like there wasn’t even a lens between us!

Orpington Baby Photographer

Orpington Baby Photographer

Anna had taken a look at my website and blog and seen a few photograph themes that she wished to have replicated. Anna liked my closely cropped shots. These can be really hard to capture from a toddler who has 10 times the energy I have 🙂 but I still love taking them – to see the detail in the end result and get the use out of my macro lens.

Orpington Baby Photographer

Anna’s son had the most smiles when it came to creating bubbles. He either carefully placed the bubble machine to cover one of the adults in a cloud of bubbles or a small bubble pot to single out just one person.

Guess who got covered this time….

Orpington Baby Photographer

Keep an eye out on the website in a few weeks time to see the rest of the photographs from Anna’s shoot.

10 Comments leave one →
  1. Anna permalink
    August 26, 2011 8:27 pm


  2. Kay Martin permalink
    August 26, 2011 9:17 pm

    Love the way photos have captured Zach’s character and lovely smiles.

  3. Chris Cahill permalink
    August 26, 2011 9:39 pm

    They really are such natural photos, showing his wonderful facial expressions and his sense of fun – magic!!

  4. Ruth permalink
    August 26, 2011 9:53 pm

    Love the photos – especially the one of him blowing bubbles!

  5. Ash permalink
    August 26, 2011 10:11 pm

    I particularly like the one where he’s blowing bubbles.

  6. John permalink
    August 27, 2011 7:46 am

    Great shots showing his serious and fun side.

  7. September 2, 2011 11:03 am

    Not difficult finding great poses from such a pro! So photogenic it’s not even funny…

  8. Alex permalink
    September 4, 2011 2:28 pm

    Wow what beautiful pictures and a lovely write up about the shoot. Great stuff.

  9. Liz permalink
    September 4, 2011 4:58 pm

    Lovely, lovely Photos that help his personality shine through.

  10. Nicola Black permalink
    September 4, 2011 5:24 pm

    Stunning photos; Captured Zach really well. You must be so pleased Anna

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