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Leanne & David’s Baby Portrait: 3 Month

September 6, 2011

Last week I visited Leanne and her 3 beautiful daughters, in Basildon, Essex, for the second part of their ‘Baby’s First Year Package’. This takes place around the 3 month mark. Gosh, how the Little Miss had grown – still looking cute. Check out their first shoot.

Basildon Baby Photographer

Babies don’t do an awful lot at this age and it can be hard work to get them to smile. I find that they are so busy taking everything in and processing it, like little sponges, that they had quite a plain expression or one of deep conversation. This is as well as the dribbling. It’s rewarding when you do get them to smile and giggle with you though 🙂

Basildon Baby Photographer

Leanne and David’s newest daughter has a lot to take in as her two big sisters are determined to entertain and teach her everything they know. Adorable to observe.

Basildon Baby Photographer

Basildon Baby Photographer

I used my 60mm Macro lens through most of this shoot. I love this lens. I often refer to it as my hobby lens (as I bought it to take non-client photos) but despite this, I enjoy using it on baby and toddler shoots. As it’s macro it allows me to get really close to the subjects features such as their eyes, ears and toes. Obviously this creates a closely cropped shot but captures all the miniature details in such sharpness.

Basildon Baby Photographer

Basildon Baby Photographer

As it’s a fixed 60mm focal length, it doesn’t have to be used for close cropping macro work. It makes a very nice portrait lens when you step back from the subject and compose the shot you desire. Because its fixed focal length, as opposed to a zoom lens, it does require me to do all the moving about (to achieve the crop/framing I’m after). This is very exhausting when photographing toddlers as I have to move quicker than them! Needless to say, I don’t use the macro much on those shoots!

Basildon Baby Photographer

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  1. Leanne permalink
    September 7, 2011 11:22 pm

    She was a little madam that day, any other day and she would have smiled loads!

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