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Catherine & Steve’s Woodland Walk

September 22, 2011

In sunny Petts Wood, last Saturday, I enjoyed a leisurely woodland walk with Catherine and her beautiful family. Last year they opted to purchase a custom Baby Portrait package; capturing their daughter during her key stages of growth. You can check out their very first blog here.

Orpington Lifestyle Photographer

If my memory hasn’t failed me, I think this is the third time I have visited the four of them. Now that Catherine and Steve’s youngest is walking, we opted for a location shoot. With the change in the season,  a colourful woodland setting turned out to be ideal.

Orpington Lifestyle Photographer

Orpington Lifestyle Photographer

Their son didn’t need much encouragement to become an explorer; clambering through the thick ferns and jumping over tree trunks. Their daughter was more interested in collecting acorns although had no fear when it came to tree climbing!

The tree coverage provided perfectly diffused and dappled light but it soon became dark when under the tree canopy when the clouds took over 😦 I have to be grateful that the rain held off though and it was warm enough for the kids to be in bright, summer clothes.

Orpington Lifestyle Photographer

Orpington Lifestyle Photographer

I love Baby Packages even more when siblings are involved. I enjoy watching to see a newborn grow and find the facial and behavioural similarities between the siblings. This was a fun shoot. It’s nice to work in the fresh air, before having to go home and sit in front of the PC for a few hours 🙂

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