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Elouise & Michael’s Portrait Shoot

September 30, 2011

On Monday, just a stone’s throw away in Dartford, I visited Elouise & Michael in their gorgeous home where their daughter was sleeping! Yes, sleeping! 🙂 This hadn’t been the initial plan but this is what I was faced with…..

Dartford Family Photographer

Aww. bless.

Dartford Family Portrait Photographer

Soooo cute. How mean were we to have to wake her?!

The family had only just come back from holiday so their daily routine was a bit off kilter and their daughter was not quite sticking to the day’s schedule; wake up, photo shoot, lunch, nap.

Obviously we couldn’t let her sleep through the whole shoot but she wasn’t at all grumpy when we did eventually encourage her to wake up. Ellie and Mick’s daughter is incredibly smiley, active and a lot of fun.

Dartford Family Portrait Photographer

Dartford Family Portrait Photographer

Dartford Family Portrait Photographer

Since the family had brought back some sunshine with them, we decided to visit the park opposite their home and have some run around time too.

Dartford Family Portrait Photographer

I think she looks adorable and super trendy in her tiny jeans :). Thanks for a lot of fun and for my early morning exercise routine – you two certainly have an energetic daughter on your hands!! 🙂

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