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Presentation of your Photographs is Paramount

October 11, 2011

I recently told you about some new products we have introduced but I thought I would blog a little more about this and tell you some other exciting news along the same lines….

Firstly, check out our lush new product guide which I hope clearly lays out what we have to offer.


It doesn’t end there…..

We have just signed up with Pinhole Press; A fab new company which can provide professional products for you via our personalised link. Only when you use our link (or enter our Photographer’s Code: ‘NikkiWaterlow’), is the whole product range opened up for you to browse.

Look at these beautiful products; notepads, calendars, handbag albums and they even do wine bottle labels!

Pinhole Press Products

Use our link to get access to more professional products

This shopping site is ideal for those of you have acquired the high-resolution digital files from us and are looking for gift ideas or simply a gorgeous assortment of products. It allows you to shop and edit your own products without having to order through me (although you do have to purchase the digital file from me to begin with). You have complete control. Don’t let the US dollar prices put you off (the distributor is UK based); simple calculations and you will see that these are great products, of a professional standard, at great prices.

Folio Frames

We can provide folio frames (three 8×6 images mounted within one panoramic frame) in a variety of orientation options. Good, complimentary presentation is vital for showing of your photographs for maximum impact. Framing three suitable images together can capture the essence of a child or family within one frame and be a talking point wherever it is displayed.

NWP Folio Frames

Folio Frame

Wooden Prints

I’m really excited about our new wooden prints. Earlier this year, one of my clients asked about a cheaper alternative to canvas wrap-arounds. I completed the challenge and she purchased large versions of her two daughters (check out her photo tweet). This product has a very similar appearance to the canvas prints; the images are printed directly on to a 1” thick piece of wood which has a subtle texture to it. They are a better price than the canvas and just as hard-wearing and long-lasting. I think they appear more modern than the canvas and suit all photographs; whereas I feel the acrylic only reaches it’s full potential when used for high saturation or high contrast images (as opposed to monochrome). Like the canvas and acrylic prints, they are ready to hang, so no added frame costs involved.

Wooden Prints

Wooden Prints: 9 Square Block

The wooden prints can be displayed on their own or can be purchased with a wooden backdrop. This is basically another 1” piece of wood (black, brown, wood grain or an image) larger than the wooden print, to provide a frame. They really do look stunning and modern, but not for everyone’s home, so do enquire about our home consultations.

There are soooo many products available out there for the professional photographer, so it’s hard to list everything on offer. If there is anything you see elsewhere that you fancy purchasing yourself, set us the challenge to find it for you.

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