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St Lucia meets Lego!!

November 30, 2011

Like everyone else, I work very hard through all four cold seasons (let’s be honest, which English season is warm??) in order to be able to escape to somewhere hot, sunny and switch off from it all. This November it was St Lucia.

Lovely bunch of coconuts!

Now this isn’t a blog to boast about my fab holiday (and it was FAB) but a chance for me to do a  number of things…

Share with you some photos of my new little project.

Show you the photographs from my new compact camera: those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know that just days before my holiday I was desperate to find a compact camera that I could take instead of my SLR. I spent two solid days doing my research and thought I would share my results (for those that are interested) with a separate review blog to follow.

And finally, I couldn’t actually mention St Lucia without sharing some of it with you.

Lego Project

I have recently discovered my love for Lego is still as strong as it was when I was a kid and have become addicted to purchasing Lego Minifigures.

Now I’m not sure what’s more geeky; taking my photography magazine or Lego to St Lucia!! I guess the latter as this was the one that got the strange looks and questions from onlookers. Does the Caribbean even know what Lego is?!?

With my new camera in hand (and purchased with this project in mind), I went about shooting my new friends on the beautiful beaches of St Lucia 🙂

Lego Photography

Cara the Cave Girl!

Flickr will find you hundreds of Lego photographs; so it’s not an original project – but one I am going to enjoy. I’m going to rely on different locations for that added creativity.

Lego Photography

Lazy Sherlock (named after the Resort's 'Lazy River')

It’s also an excuse to collect each character in the series for variation 😉
Lego Photography

Larry the Lumberjack; looking for coconuts

The Lumix TZ20, that I purchased just days before the holiday, was great for this type of close up work. The AF tracking in conjunction with the touchscreen really came into use where the focus was crucial at such a close distance and in bright sunlight. Read my camera review in a few days.

St Lucia is a beautiful island. The landscape is luscious and breathtaking. I don’t actually have any photographs that do it justice (mainly because I took time off to enjoy the country). The people are friendly and the climate is just perfect for me; warm sea breeze and warm Caribbean and Atlantic sea.

Maria Island (Major and Minor)

There is snorkelling, mountains to climb, views to take in and cocktails to drink!

Don’t think it’s just for romantic honeymoon couples (although there were a lot of them!), the resort we stayed at was perfect for families as well as adults wanting some quiet time. I can’t recommend the Coconut Bay Resort enough. The staff took pride in their work and did it all with welcoming smiles and friendly conversation. We are already hoping to return.

Beautiful Landscape

The excursions run by ATV Paradise Tours are the best on the island (thanks to inspirational Kurt who left his life in Belgium for the ‘back to nature’ one in St Lucia) and ‘Mystic Man Tours’ shouldn’t be missed either. We booked our trip with Tropical Sky, so check them out if I’ve tempted you enough!

Mystic Man Tours

Sunset Cruise: Romance and Rum

You can check out more of my Lego and St Lucia photos on Flickr 🙂

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