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Jenny & John’s Family: Sneak Peek

December 13, 2011

Last week I drove to Gravesend where I met Jenny and John. I also met their two sons…their three dogs…their one cat….oh, and their many chickens (I think it was eight!) What a full house!

Jenny and John had received a gift voucher last Christmas and it’s expiry date was fast approaching. I wouldn’t usually do such a late afternoon portrait shoot at this time of year due to the lack of natural light (unless it’s a Create & Capture shoot) but with all our Christmas diaries looking pretty full, we had no other option but to book in a 3.30pm home portrait shoot.

This required some off-camera lighting which created a studio portrait look.

Gravsend Family Photographer

Gravsend Family Photographer

I took some beautiful headshots of the family as well as some group shots (although the space was limited). I wanted to create some catalogue poses with the boys as they were quite camera-shy, so I used the garden fence as a backdrop and had them show me their best model expressions. The boys proved what hardened men they were by being extremely patient in the freezing cold and blustery garden (naturally I was fully wrapped up!!). Hopefully they will like the results.

Gravsend Family Photographer

Gravsend Family Photographer

Gravsend Family Photographer

This family were a joy to visit and I was doubly rewarded by receiving fresh eggs to take home with me. 🙂 I’m a HUGE egg lover, so this was the perfect treat. Thanks guys 🙂

Gravsend Family Photographer

Have a great Christmas and I hope not to keep you waiting too long for your online gallery.

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  1. jenny permalink
    December 15, 2011 9:14 am

    the photos look great Nikki can’t wait to see them all. xx

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