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Valentines: A bouquet of….cake??!

February 3, 2012

Nikki Waterlow Photography - Corporate Photographer

A blog by Ollie’s Pops….

Ollie's Pops

Every 14 February in the UK we celebrate St Valentines day by giving to our loved ones (or loved ones to hopefully be) a card and ‘love’ themed gift.  

Nikki Waterlow Photography - Corporate Photographer

But it’s not just the UK that celebrates Valentines Day – lots of other counties add their own unique elements to their celebrations. 

Saint Valentine was rumoured to be a Christian priest in Rome, persecuted and locked away for performing marriage ceremonies in secret.  Whilst behind bars, he wrote a letter to his loved one and signed it ‘St. Valentine’ – and this is where the card giving stems from.  Many years ago people used to make their own cards to give, but now Valentine’s Day has been commercialised and the range of cards and gifts that can now be purchased for gifts is vast.

I thought it would be good to move away from the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, and to give something to their loved ones that’s handmade (whether by yourself or made by someone else) – just a token to say ‘I love you’ and I really appreciate everything you do for me. I had a little think about what I would love to receive (that doesn’t cost a fortune) and I thought something edible would be ideal – something sweet – like chocolate! I thought a selection of handmade sweets  would be fab so decided to make some cake pops – bites of cake and frosting and chocolate on a lollistick.

Nikki Waterlow Photography - Corporate Photographer

So I made a selection of cake pops and thought they’d look really lovely formed together as a cake pop bouquet.  Wow – I know I would be pleased if my husband gave me one of these bouquets – something that isn’t mass produced that someone has taken time to make.  It takes a little more effort to search around for something a little different.

The bouquets I make are wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with curling ribbon and are available via my website

I also baked some cupcakes in glass jam jars which are the ideal size for sharing. Perfect for a little winters picnic with your lover.  Time to escape and eat delicious hard-baked cake!

Nikki Waterlow Photography - Corporate Photographer

Over the past week I have been photographing these edible delights for Ollie’s Pops. As this has all been product photography I have been able to do it at my leisure within my own home. Well, that was the original plan!

It’s been such a busy 10 days that the only way to make sure I had all the photographs in the bag was to transport everything, including my home studio kit, when I visited family in Lancashire last week. (My cousin was quite surprised to come home from work and find I had turned her living room into a home studio!)

Nikki Waterlow Photography - Corporate Photographer

Ollie’s Pops are a great little local company, based in Greenhithe, that create cake treats which taste as good as they look. YumYum.

Nikki Waterlow Photography - Corporate Photographer

Place an order with Ollie’s Pops during February and March and receive a £10 voucher* to use on any Nikki Waterlow Photography services/products.

(*cannot be used in conjunction with any running special offers)

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