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I must be away with the fairies as I’m promoting the competition!!

June 30, 2012

I’m not sure that you’re actually meant to promote your business competition but I’m a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, plus I have complete admiration….

I just have to scream out (with glee) about my recent fairy encounter…..the best experience ever…thanks to Mark Bushkes 🙂

Let me start my story at the beginning (I like to tell the stories behind the photographs)….

I got married in 2003 and am about ready to part with my wedding dress (although after this, I’m still not so sure!!). Before I did that though, I wanted to wear it one last time, especially as I’m pretty proud that I can still fit into it! I can’t breathe but that’s not important, right?!

I’ve thought about different ‘trash the dress’ and ‘cherish the dress’ styles but I’ve never come up with an idea that really suited my personality and also my dress. That is, until I came across Mark Bushkes 🙂

I discovered Mark via a Groupon email and LOVED the idea of having my photograph taken with the fairies that I believe in. I also thought this style of shoot was perfect for my flowy dress and ‘woodland’ was the one theme I had always been drawn towards.

I had a great time in front of the lens. It was so interesting being photographed by another professional photographer and I actually learnt a few tips from Mark regarding studio work, which I’m still perfecting. Mark creates an incredible experience that even a thirty-something like myself can be swept up in!

What I love about Mark, and why I am sharing his work with you, is that is apparent how much hard work he has put into creating this experience. In the modern technical age, it’s common to think that everything can easily be produced digitally on computer rather than mastering it in camera. Easy, it is not, and cheating it often is. Mark has created his experience from first principles and I believe this should be recognised as a talent in itself, on top of his great photography skills.

If you want to know whether even the fairies are real, well, I suggest you pay him a visit 😉

Oh and just to let you know; my father’s day gift was a framed one of these photographs. My mum cried 🙂 In a good way 🙂 (Dad, not so much but he was thrilled!)

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