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January 16, 2013

There have been some recent additions to this blog and it’s a popular one, so I thought I would reblog it 🙂


A note emailed to me from reader, Derek:

A tip worth passing on was to stick small screws to sticky tape and write on the tape their original whereabouts.  This did not stop our cats from storing all screws and the two “sticky pads”

under the cooker at the far end of the kitchen during the night!  Just found a tiny loose screw there after reassembly – only one short now.

I’ll try old cassette screws which have come in handy in the past. I disassembled inside a large poly bag so rogue springs could only jump so far.  No shocks – was apprehensive so let it all sit for a week (while new tube was on order) and then setting an old analogue meter to 50V and shorted across everything that looked likely and the middle pin of the external battery pack terminal.  One tube terminal was the worst cold joint I have come across albeit in limited experience – I wonder if the current passing causes this ?  Thanks again.

Nikki Waterlow Photography Blog

A couple of months ago my flashgun fell off a lighting stand (then bounced rather impressively off a tiled floor)! Priced over £200 and now fallen from shoulder height you can imagine how my heart sank. Surprisingly, after some investigation, it looked like it was only the lamp that had broken. Amazing really, although I wouldn’t advise it to other photographers!

For 7 years I worked at ITV as an Electronics Maintenance Engineer. Fixed pretty much every kind of kit in the broadcast environment, at surface mount component level. So I didn’t think a cracked lamp was going to be too much of a challenge!

Naturally, being a photographer, I thought I would take photos of the whole process. I hope someone, somewhere, someday finds this useful to them 🙂

After a few false starts with companies trying to sell me the whole ‘repair and parts’ service, I was able to purchase…

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