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Evolution for Women: Formality-Free Financial Meetings

January 23, 2013

Evolution For Women claim to be ‘Putting a feminine touch into finance’.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Corporate Photography

Casual chat. Cup of Coffee. Jargon-free. I think they’ve hit the nail on the head! All that’s missing from their meetings is cake!

Let me explain….

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Corporate Photography

I recently met Rebecca Robertson via the NCT network. Rebecca invited me to join her local networking group which included like-minded self-employed business women all catering for a similar type of client. Here I learnt, not only about Rebecca’s financial services but about the businesses that the other girls owned.

Becky is not just a funny (a little coo-coo at times!) and approachable girl but she makes understanding and managing your financial responsibilities simple and effective. She’s not about formal meetings and professional jargon. She delivers her information and services in a way that makes you feel confident and secure rather than dazed and confused.

Don’t under-estimate her though. She is one smart cookie with a great business head; “Women in Banking Finance Award Finalist 2012” 🙂

Corporate Photography

With a new business year starting, Becky is keen to update advertising literature. Like a lot of companies, she usually opts for stock photography. However, she felt that the choice of images didn’t truly reflect her company. So instead she approached me with this challenge.

Becky’s Brief: “The goal for this photo shoot was to produce a couple of pictures which could be used to market my business in a way “a picture tells a thousand words”. Offering financial advice from female advisers sets us apart from other companies, but how? What do we do that’s different? I wanted the picture to say what that is without having to say the words “no sales men just advice and care”. The pictures are part of my new website and new marketing leaflets being launched February 2013.”

To me this translates to a warm, homely environment where the children are as much as part of the meeting as the parents and Becky is entirely accepting and encouraging of that.

The photo session took place in the home of Deborah, one of Becky’s clients, with her adorably cute little girl. She certainly was centre stage; a joy to photograph 🙂

“The shoot itself was very causal and although I wasn’t sure on how to sit, where my client should sit, should we face each other, do I have a pad on my lap or a cup of tea in my hand, so many questions. Nicola took that pressure and stress away and allowed the shoot to flow, by adding in props and giving direction and switching things up to keep us from looking wooden.

I was very impressed with how Nicola handled the whole process, from discussing my wishes to showing me the final pictures. I would defiantly be using Nicola’s services again!”

Hopefully I have fulfilled the brief. Becky certainly seems happy with her images as she’s now struggling to choose which ones to use :). Perhaps help her out by leaving some feedback below.

Becky teaches us the importance of protecting our children’s financial futures. She does this by providing money-saving advice, guardianship and trust services. Most people don’t consider these financial aspects until they have children and that’s when they have the least amount of time! As a mother herself, Becky can relate to this and understands that children are the ones that control the actual meetings!

You can view the entire gallery, for a limited time, here.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Corporate Photography

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Corporate Photography

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  1. January 23, 2013 10:59 am

    Thank you Nicola, lovely blog post! Your pretty clever yourself 😀

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