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Nikki Waterlow Artwork: Something a bit different

February 28, 2013

When it comes to my family’s birthday and Christmas presents it’s a bit cliché for me to give them something photographic (even though I spend sooo much time photographing them all 🙂 )

For my sister’s birthday this year I wanted to give her something different. I still wanted to create something for her that was personal and had meaning but without a single one of my photographs being used.

I’ve been addicted to Pinterest in the last few months and have not only been using it for my business inspiration but also for my home and craft inspiration. It was on Pinterest, originally pinned from Etsy, that I found the idea for my Sister’s present and set to work creating it in Photoshop.

Let me know what you think?

This print is made up of my sister’s birthdate, her husband’s birth date, their wedding date, and the birth dates of their three children.

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Art

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Art

Nikki Waterlow Photography: Art

Check us out on Facebook to see how you could currently win your own personalised version 🙂

*Dates have been changed to protect against dodgy people that are out there!! 🙂

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