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Do foxes have a sense of humour ?

May 5, 2013

Now I like foxes as much as the next person and I know they can be really cute. Look, I even photograph them from the kitchen window.

They can always see me.

They can always see me.

They can be playful especially when young at the start of the season, when their coats are at their best.

I’ve even witnessed them occasionally singing duets to each other and here is the proof !


I think the song they were singing was ‘You don’t bring me flowers anymore’ ( ok it could have been ‘chicken legs’ instead of flowers, difficult to hear, they need to work on their diction!)

But I do not like them leaving their calling cards in my garden, on my patio or on my garden wall (No don’t ask, I do not know how they managed it !)
I do not like destroying their lair (which is under my old shed) in winter as that feels cruel to me. But I was advised that summer is a good time to get them to move on and look for something a bit upmarket.
At first I tried putting a mirror in the garden, as they do not like to see their own reflection (I can empathise with that !) They ignored it completely,  but a robin spent hours trying to woo its new mate.
The next advice was that foxes are frightened off by the smell of the urine of a large predator, so I bought a packet of SCOOT which is exactly that and is not cheap (but cheaper than hiring a wolf I guess). So having made up 5 litres of the stuff and watering their trail in the garden at night, the following morning first thing, I was greeted with this sight.

I’d never witnessed this before, but they are lying down in the area where I drenched most of the SCOOT and I am convinced this was a deliberate act of defiance, as it appeared to be waiting for me to open the blind !!

So I ask you, do foxes have a sense of humour or not ?

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