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Last of The Summer Fruit

September 27, 2013

Goodbye Summer, it was nice while it lasted. Hello Autumn !

One of the delights of summer is the abundance of fresh fruit and also the ability to work on photographic studio projects outside, such as the one underneath.

For this project I took a series of photographs which I have christened ‘fruit splash’ . The inspiration for this, is that I am fascinated at the way photography can be used to see things that the human eye cannot. So, for example, at one end of the spectrum my earlier blog ‘The wonders of gravitational forces’ made use of very slow shutter speeds to capture the light trace made by a swinging torch. In contrast ‘Fruit splash’ is at the other end of the spectrum, utilising very fast shutter speeds to freeze a moment in time. These examples show the moment of impact when a fruit is dropped into water.


For the sharp-eyed amongst you, this is a cherry tomato, which of course is a fruit, not a vegetable, since it supports the seeds for future growth. (ok I admit I had to look that one up).

Ever since my university days I have had a curiosity about scientific phenomena as to what really happens when events like the ones shown here, occur.

I can’t help noticing the similarity between these photographs and what happens when meteoroids hit planets, except of course with water being liquid, everything returns to the calm state prior to the collision. No remaining evidence of the collision exists after the event, unlike the craters left behind by meteor strikes. (For the scientifically curious a meteoroid becomes a meteor only when it enters the earth’s atmosphere and if there is anything left of it if & after it hits the earth it is then referred to as a meteorite. Yes and I had to look that one up also!)

I like the way fruit sometimes drags a little block of air with it and leaves that hollow cylindrical space behind in its wake.


There is a difference between the way strawberries and tomatoes react when they drop into water but I will deal with that in my next blog on how these photographs were taken.



As you may be aware I am a guest blogger standing in for Nikki whilst she produces her own little fruit which will be my grandaughter !

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  1. September 27, 2013 7:03 pm

    Love the colours in this

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