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Lissa & David’s Family Photoshoot

November 13, 2013

As Nikki was busy with her own 2 week old baby, it was my privilege (ably assisted by my wife Joan !) to photograph the family of Lissa and David with their new baby, 3 month old Evelyn and also her sister Olivia. We had photographed Olivia when she was 6 months old and Lissa wanted something similiar for Evie.


Evie is absolutely gorgeous with deep blue eyes and a mop of beautful brown hair. You can never be sure about baby’s mood when we arrive, which is why we allow a full 2 hours to provide time for that extra feed or change, to put them in a good mood. After a feed Evie was in a much better mood for photography, which hopefully comes across in the photographs.


In order to bring out the natural beauty of Evie’s eyes we used a big flash driven softbox, which generates the catchlights in those big blue eyes, counterpoised with natural daylight from an opposite window. You can see this in the above photograph where the daylight has pleasingly caught the left hand side of Evie’s face, showing up her lovely baby complexion.


We always stress the importance of capturing detailed shots of babies’ hands and feet, they don’t stay small for long !


It is important too, to capture those items of clothing like the bath robe below, that they outgrow all too quickly, for the purposes of providing happy memories but also to add variety to the photographs.


Although the main subject of this shoot was Evie, whilst she was feeding, we were able to capture photographs of her  strikingly pretty sister Olivia. Olivia has the same trademark big beautiful blue eyes as Evie, but also is a very animated and photogenic model, playing up to the camera. She was a delight to work with.



Finally we did a happy family shot which is always nice to do. We found Lissa and David very easy to work with and they had a preferance for relaxed informal shots, which hopefully we have captured here.

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  1. November 13, 2013 8:29 pm

    Beautiful! Xx

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